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Bereavements…Chronic Illness…Suicide…Divorce…Speaking from first-hand experience, life can hit hard. It throws us curve balls and challenges, each one a test of our strength. It might not feel this way, but with each challenge we overcome, we adapt, we heal.

We grow.

Training is a similar process, and something we at Warrior Fitness use as a euphemism – if you can overcome the challenges of life, you can trump the challenges of training too, and vice versa.

Our methods are made up of old school weight training with creative, modern tweaks dialled in – this keeps our training fun and engaging whilst keeping you on your toes to optimise results with constant waves of variety.

Also known as (Boudica), Allison can bring you into a world of craziness that’ll have you performing moves you didn’t know you could do using muscles you didn’t even know you had – all while balancing on one leg.  Shane or (Big Man) – will leave no room for comparison as you fall in love with your physique, attained through his little-known, yet proven, body-sculpting expertise.

Learn a new skill, better your fitness and let off steam with our specialised Boxanity™ classes. Confidence one, stress nil.

See below what some of our clients say about Warrior Fitness London …

“I’ve been training with Allison for over two years now – she has really changed my life!!

I have never felt stronger and more dedicated to reaching my weight loss goal.

She is supportive and motivating in a great way and is a lot of fun to train with, I really look forward to our sessions.

I now believe that I can be in the best shape I have ever been in my 30’s!”

“Shane has not only managed to get results, but he’s made training fun which, if you knew me, is actually the eighth wonder of the world.”
“Last couple of years – I have suffered shoulder and back pain due to my excessive standing in the hairdressing business.

I had a number of massages and was always going to the gym but nothing helped.

I’ve been training with Allison for over a year and the changes I have seen in my overall fitness has been incredible. My whole body is now more toned, stronger, my posture has improved and the back pain is gone. I now prefer working out with weights rather then pounding the treadmill for hours.

Allison is a perfect combination of tough and warm, she works with the whole person – mentally, emotionally and physically. She found my inner balance and desire to improve.

A constantly varied workout and ultra – enthusiastic coach meant that I am constantly challenged and remain interested. I love my new body and more importantly, working out has become fun.

I’m totally addicted.”