“I’ve been training with Allison for over two years now – she has really changed my life!!


I have never felt stronger and more dedicated to reaching my weight loss goal.


She is supportive and motivating in a great way and is a lot of fun to train with, I really look forward to our sessions.


I now believe that I can be in the best shape I have ever been in my 30’s!”

“I started training with Allison 2 and half years ago with a 4 month goal in mind and that be that. Now the thought of giving her up isn’t even on the radar!


Allison is so committed to each session and passionate about her work it shows through her excitement when I achieve goals each week/month.


I’ve never been so motivated, committed and excited about getting into the gym. I’m shocked at how my body has changed and the strength I now have.


If you’re looking to achieve goals and find someone who understands her clients and works with each individual’s needs to achieve the best outcomes, I couldn’t recommend Allison enough”.

“Last couple of years – I have suffered shoulder and back pain due to my excessive standing in the hairdressing business.


I had a number of massages and was always going to the gym but nothing helped.


I’ve been training with Allison for over a year and the changes I have seen in my overall fitness has been incredible. My whole body is now more toned, stronger, my posture has improved and the back pain is gone. I now prefer working out with weights rather then pounding the treadmill for hours.


Allison is a perfect combination of tough and warm, she works with the whole person – mentally, emotionally and physically. She found my inner balance and desire to improve.


A constantly varied workout and ultra – enthusiastic coach meant that I am constantly challenged and remain interested. I love my new body and more importantly, working out has become fun.


I’m totally addicted.”

“What I love about I training with Allison is her incredible energy, commitment and passion.


Each session is interesting, challenging and more importantly geared towards achieving results.


Through Allison I have found my ‘inner warrior’.


Bring it on!!”

“When I first started training with Shane, I wanted to achieve a lean physique –  something I wasn’t able to do with other trainers. Shane knew exactly what kind of training was required for my body shape and ability to get the desired results. He asked the right questions and devised a plan to achieve my goals.


I have been training with Shane for over a year now and my fitness levels have improved vastly from when I first started and that’s to say Shane was not even my first personal trainer!


Each week, he has helped me to go from strength to strength and carry out workout routines I never thought I could do until he pushed me.


Each session feels like I’ve had a thorough workout and I’ve particularly enjoyed using machines in the gym I’d never used before. Shane makes every session enjoyable and encourages and advises me at the right times.


He remains focussed and observant throughout, changing workout routines to suit my ability and not necessarily sticks to plan.


I can honestly say Shane has taught me great technique both in boxing and gym training and how to use my strength to further improve my fitness. I thoroughly enjoy all my sessions with Shane and I would without a doubt recommend him for anyone looking to achieve weight loss, become stronger, leaner and faster and overall fitness. “

“Shane has not only managed to get results, but he’s made training fun which, if you knew me, is actually the eighth wonder of the world.”

“Allison has an amazing aura and just by seeing her around Crystal Palace, I knew she was the Personal Trainer for me!


She has incredible energy, focus and positivity and she has great intuition about your needs and how you’re feeling.


Since training with Allison I’ve gained strength and flexibility and I’ve seen fat reduction. I have great fun working out with Allison and each session both challenges me, but is also tailored to my mood so that I make the most of every session.


Allison’s knowledge of equipment and exercises is incredibly broad and holistic; in one session we go from strength training, to functional training, boxing and then yoga – all in an hour!

It means that at every session I get excellent cross-training and my body isn’t given a chance to plateau.


Above all, Allison is just lovely. I really enjoy seeing her and her positive, ‘go get em’ vibes rubbing off on me.


After our sessions, I feel I can take on the world!”

“Allison is highly professional and knowledgeable; she was able to tailor a programme to meet my specific goals and not only push me further than I thought possible but also teach me exercises that I can incorporate into my own training programme in the future.


Allison is always positive, encouraging and full of energy, making her sessions fun and always challenging as she knows exactly how and when to push me to get great results and keep me motivated.


If you want a bespoke program to fit your goals and want to see real results faster than you could achieve alone I would highly recommend Allison .”