BODY BURN™ (10am sessions are baby friendly)


Forget the Reformer, this 45-minute workout will strengthen the entire body, tone and elongate the muscles, improve endurance, jump-start the metabolism, burn fat, increase flexibility and postural alignment – it’s easy to see the appeal.

By using resistance bands, we add challenge to classic mat Pilates exercises and even mimic the resistance offered by traditional Pilates machines like the Reformer.

Our unique method of Body Burn™ uses the ‘time under tension’ method which creates the lactic acid ‘BODY BURN’ effect that will tighten and improve the responsiveness of your muscle fibres.
There’s a lot to take in ahead of your first class…but have no fear, our classes are only delivered by Certified Level 3 Personal Trainers, who will show you how to perform the various full-body conditioning exercises doing so at a slow, controlled pace, so you’ll really engage your muscles. We use the movement of the resistance bands to intensify the range of motion you can get which intensifies the workout. While the slow movement makes this class “slightly excruciating,” it’s also what makes it so effective.

The slower you go, the faster you’ll see results.
It’s a tough workout, but not a sweaty one!

Personal Trainer

Allison Bailey

At 52 years young, Allison is a shining beacon of what dedication to fitness, nutrition...