BOXER CIRCUITS (10am sessions are baby friendly)

Our 45-minute circuit session is a blend of cardio, strength and functional training to improve fitness and muscular endurance. It’s not for the feint hearted – but you can take it at your own pace.

You’ll perform one exercise after another in a circuit fashion using weight, bodyweight and aerobic exercises. We’ll usually alternate between upper body and lower body, using higher reps to increase the lactic acid production so you’ll still be burning calories long after you’ve left the session.


    • Time – circuits shorten workout sessions and are time efficient.
    • Improves conditioning and muscular endurance.
    • Works the entire body.



Personal Trainer

Allison Bailey

At 52 years young, Allison is a shining beacon of what dedication to fitness, nutrition...


Personal Trainer

Shane Van Der Straaten

Starting young’ doesn’t quite cover Shane’s story. Taught by his pro-bodybuilder brother, he began training...