Why 2-1 Personal Training?

Great for those who want to reduce the cost of personal training and have a training partner.

With 2-1 PT you are set targets to achieve a goal. A fitness test is taken, a bespoke fitness programme is designed for you, body analysis taken and ongoing advice from your personal trainer which you’ll not get from a Group Session.

Evidence shows that having someone to train or compete with is motivational.

Train with a friend, colleague or we’ll group you with someone who has similar goals.



“Hard work pays off, but its nicer to share the load”


Personal Trainer

Allison Bailey

At 52 years young, Allison is a shining beacon of what dedication to fitness, nutrition...


Personal Trainer

Shane Van Der Straaten

Starting young’ doesn’t quite cover Shane’s story. Taught by his pro-bodybuilder brother, he began training...