BODY BURN™ (10am sessions are baby friendly)

Our baby-friendly Body Burn™ class is a strength and conditioning class which is great for those who want to work hard with lower impact, and less stress on the joints.

You’ll perform upper body, core and lower body moves at different tempos and in time to the eclectic mix of old and new tunes.

We use resistance bands which are a great tool for those who want to increase strength and add muscle.This class concentrates on toning the body and building lean muscle rather than just focussing on cardio.

Our mix of cardio and strength is inclusive – it’s all about as hard as you can work. So even if you have injuries or you’re pregnant, Body Burn can benefit everyone.It’s not pure cardio and it’s not pure weights – it’s a mix of both and we definitely go for the Buuuuuurn!

You can incorporate baby into your workout or put them in our playpen to play while you workout!


Personal Trainer

Allison Bailey

At 52 years young, Allison is a shining beacon of what dedication to fitness, nutrition...