Allison is a shining beacon of what dedication to fitness, nutrition and healthy living can do for your own self-image and sense of wellbeing. Starting as a dancer and trapeze artist in her 20’s, Allison’s journey has taken many turns – she’s worked in corporate communications, given exercise classes and boxed through her 30’s – […]

    Starting young’ doesn’t quite cover Shane’s story. Taught by his pro-bodybuilder brother, he began training at just 15 years old, and hasn’t let his intensity slip since! The knowledge and experience he’s gained over the years lives on in the minds of his clients as they embark on their own physical transformations. Standing at a […]

      Jordan has had a varied background when it comes to training. Starting off with dancing from the age of 11, he then began weight training at 14.  It was at the age of 16 where he commenced boxing/kickboxing training and realised that the type of weight training he was doing hindered his progress, so he […]

        Jessy is a certified personal trainer, and a ballet and contemporary dancer. She has an inborn enthusiasm for maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle with a passion and drive that’s bound to motivate and inspire anyone. ​ She began dancing at the age of seven and at age sixteen I attended one of the best […]

          Imade who is best known as‘Imi-Co’, is a certified Level 3 Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer. Imi-Co has worked in the Fitness industry since 2012 teaching numerous classes at numerous fitness centres, dance studios and community recreation centres. Dance Fitness is her passion, but she also loves to teach HIIT Training, […]

            With a degree in Theatre Dance, Vicky has always had a passion for the human body, pushing the boundaries of its physical ability and development. Since a young age, Vicky has had a love for movement and motion and has been in dance and sports; competing in basketball, football, Olympic port as well as dance […]