“When I first started training with Shane, I wanted to achieve a lean physique –  something I wasn’t able to do with other trainers. Shane knew exactly what kind of training was required for my body shape and ability to get the desired results. He asked the right questions and devised a plan to achieve my goals.


I have been training with Shane for over a year now and my fitness levels have improved vastly from when I first started and that’s to say Shane was not even my first personal trainer!


Each week, he has helped me to go from strength to strength and carry out workout routines I never thought I could do until he pushed me.


Each session feels like I’ve had a thorough workout and I’ve particularly enjoyed using machines in the gym I’d never used before. Shane makes every session enjoyable and encourages and advises me at the right times.


He remains focussed and observant throughout, changing workout routines to suit my ability and not necessarily sticks to plan.


I can honestly say Shane has taught me great technique both in boxing and gym training and how to use my strength to further improve my fitness. I thoroughly enjoy all my sessions with Shane and I would without a doubt recommend him for anyone looking to achieve weight loss, become stronger, leaner and faster and overall fitness. “

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